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Meet your new Good Buddies:

Sad Dad

India Pale Ale

Dutch Rudder

Belgian Quadrupel


Peanut Butter & Jelly Stout

Gozer The Destructor

Toasted Marshmallow Stout

No Rain

Watermelon Sour

Unknown Buddy

New beers coming soon!

Head Brewer Tim Rennie

Tim started brewing as a kid, helping his dad at the home brew store in Ontario. Over the years he moved to The Yukon and finally to Vancouver where he found a home in the vibrant home brewing community. Tim moved around from several craft breweries until launching his own brand. The focus of Good Buddy is to make wacky and drinkable beers, but most importantly to hang out with your good buddies and have good times.

Good Buddies. Good Beers.

At Good Buddy Brewing, we love hanging out with our buddies and making unique beers. We love all hazy IPAs, big Belgian beer, and wacky culinary-inspired sours and stouts — especially fun and familiar flavours like toasted marshmallows, peanut butter and jelly, and peaches and cream. Grab a Good Buddy with your good buddies, and enjoy.